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Welcome to WCW Property Management

Our area of expertise is single and multi-family dwellings and HOA's in Northeast Kansas, Wichita Kansas and surrounding communities, Kansas City, KS and MO and surrounding communities, and St. Louis, MO and surrounding communities and Grove, Oklahoma.

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Here are some client testimonials

Tim was very polite and professional. He corrected the problems I had listed and he even did an additional task (fixed the door on the bathroom linen closet which stuck).
I had left the house in a real mess when I went to run errands because I was packing in EVERY room. Tim assured me that I need not worry for his sake, because he understands moving isn't easy.
Rose Mary (Happy Owner)

Recently my father moved into my household and we quickly discovered that our current duplex is much too small for three adults. My friend reminded me of the very nice, very helpful rental agent that had assisted her several years ago and gave me her phone number. I called Kristen Mayer with Rental City immediately and she was very helpful, but most important very hopeful that she could help me locate a house in my price range. To date Kristen has shown me several homes, one of which I absolutely fell in love with. Unfortunately the house was too small but I am continuing to work with Kristen as she appears to be as determined as I am in finding the right home for my family. And it certainly doesn't hurt that Kristen has a bubbly, cheerful personality that is quite contagious which is needed when one is facing a time of upheaval in their life. Thank you, Kristen!

Michele Shelton
Job Placement Specialist (And a Very Happy Tenant)

The service was very personal and friendly. We had a short time frame and a difficult situation, but they called us every time they found something we might like. We ended up finding a great place with their assistance! (Referring to our leasing team)

I appreciate the prompt response on my call for maintenance issues. They were completed quick and the serviceman (Cody) was very polite. Thanks, Catrece Murray (Happy Tenant)

A big THANKX to MaryBeth and the Lady's at WCW,
Every time I talk to your office everyone is always ready and willing to help even to grumpy old men. Each time we talk things seem to get better. Keep up the great work and thankx again.
Dino V. Mazzanti

To Bill and the staff of WCW,
I would like to thank all of you for the excellent service I have received. When I was having problems with the Realtor I had listed 1200 Orleans with, I was going to be in quite a bind financially speaking if the home didn’t sell. As time was running out, I was referred to you and WCW from a mutual friend of ours Bill Pickering. It has been a true blessing to meet you and to do business with you and your staff. I was just about out of options, but after speaking to you and learning of your services, it looked as if renting the home was the best option for us. This hasn’t been without it’s own little bumps in the road along the way, but as always you have taken care of the problem. I have told many people, some friends and some strangers that I haven’t seen service like this in a long time. It is a good feeling to know that there are still people like yourselves, that care about doing good and ethnical business in today’s times of greed and apathy. I recommend WCW often. I think of you as more than just a business acquaintance, but rather more as a friend in the Property business. Not to mention as friend in general. Thank you Bill, and to all of your staff as well. Mike Sloan (Happy Owner)

Kirsten was a great help in helping us find our home, she would call on current updates on houses that were available and kept looking till we found what we were looking for. Kirsten was always polite and took her time with us during our walk through on our new place. We appreciate the help. Catrece and Family (Happy Tenant)

Kristen, I just wanted to let you know how much help you have been over the last month. I appreciate your efforts to show me so many houses. I just found out that I am being transferred to Portales, NM. Obviously I won't be needing a house in Topeka anymore, but if I ever come back to Topeka you will be the first person I call. Thanks again. Gina

I just wanted to Thank WCW for all their hard work and taking care of my Family. They are always prompt on maintenance calls and Cody is so nice to work with. Thanks, Again. Amy Shockey (Happy Tenant)

Four years ago I decided to move from apartment dwelling to a house. I didn't know exactly how to begin, having never dealt with a property management company, I saw a number on a sign and called. The person that answered was Kristen Mayer, when I explained what I was looking for and that I had seen this house she immediately set a viewing date and time that was convenient to me.

When she arrived, on time, she was both personable and professional. She showed me around the property and then gave me some space to look around by myself. She explained the rent, deposit, utilities, leasing options and also some other property options in my price range. I asked for a couple days to make up my mind, which she agreed to. The next day I called and asked if I could sign a long term lease, she said the office would check it out, they did and I signed my first three year lease.

About a month after I moved in the rains started and i found I had a wet basement. I called Kristen who immediately came over and after calling WCW maintenance she and her son helped me start moving boxes to dry area. Without their help I would not have been able to get that done, as I have heart problems and none able to help me. Maintenance showed up soon thereafter and started vacuuming up the water, placed fans on the area and also a dehumidifier. As most people know after rains like those you also will get a sewage backup, WCW immediately sent someone to take care of the backup and someone else to do the cleanup.

My landlord comes to town a couple times of year and asks me about the company (WCW Property Management) and I constantly assure them that they chose well (for a company to manage their property).

Because sometimes it is not easy for me to get to the office, Kristen always picks up my rent check.

I am on my second three year lease and needless to say, if I were not happy with Kristen or WCW I would never have signed.


Betty M. Vines (Very happy tenant)

To Kathy (manages the St. Francis House) – “Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Mrs. Mendoza

To Kathy – Thank you so much for allowing me to stay in such a pleasant place.  the people in and around St. Francis have been very gracious.  I leave here with great joy at my brother’s recovery and at the hospitality I’ve been shown.  Sincerely, Joyce Christiansen – Vernon, CT.

To the whole WCW Team – We wanted to thank you for your great service over the past year, you all have been great!  We look forward to renewing our lease with WCW.  Thanks again!  Hannah, Taylor, Quinn and Michelle (Tenants)

To Dennis – We would like to express our appreciation to Dennis (WCW employee), who fixed numerous issues in our home.  He was pleasant and fixed everything accurately.  We wanted you to know how nice it was to work with him. J  Coleen and Eddie Kidd (Tenants)

To Karla - We are both really excited to have a nicer place and I appreciate all the work, phone calls and emails you put into it!
Sharon Parnell- (Tenant)

Just wanted to thank you for your professionalism. I appreciate your kindness.
Thank you, Chelsy (happy tenant)

I have rented 3 different properties from WCW and couldn’t be happier. They are prompt and attentive to your maintenance emergencies and overall just a great group of people to work with. I will continue to rent from WCW in the future and positively refer them to anyone in need of a rental property.
Dr. John Wertin (Happy Tenant)

Thanks for your attention with this matter. As always WCW takes care of their customers, I appreciate it very much, Thanks again.---Mike Sloan (Happy Owner)

1.         Good job of staying on it! Glad you're on the job there.  Again thanks, Thanks again for
all your good work,
2.        Karla, You're doing great. Thanks much.
3.        Thanks again for all your hard work to put this together.
4.        Thanks for the continuing follow-up.  Again thanks for your continued best efforts on our behalf.
Best, Bob & Abi

Dear Bill, We want to thank you for the excellent service you have given us over the years in helping us find rentors for our rental property.  We have owned our duplex since 1973 and have always wanted to provide an affordable property with amenities that would attract good renters.  Thanks for helping us achieve that goal!   

So consider this a thank you as well as a vote of confidence for understanding our needs and working with us in screening and providing us with good-quality renters.  Being a landlord is so much easier  --  and more fun  --  with you on our team!   You can expect to get a call from us when we have a vacancy.   

With appreciation,
Aleda and Ken Berry (Happy Owner)

Hi Karla, yes they did send us a check, my wife told me last night that we received it in yesterdays mail.  Thanks for your attention with this matter. As always WCW takes care of their customers, I appreciate it very much, Thanks again.---Mike (Happy Owner)

“I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate Shirley.  I know how hard it is to deal with the public and keep everyone happy.  She is great to work with.” Beth James (Happy Owner)

We have had the absolute pleasure of working with Bill Welch and WCW Property Management. We had moved out of state and our home in Topeka was leased with an option to buy. When the renters skipped out and left the home in disarray we searched for a property management company to help us restore the home and to get it rented as soon as possible. We went through a number of disappointing experiences with other local companies until we finally travelled to Topeka and did the restoration work ourselves. Fortunately we then found WCW and Bill Welch.

Bill immediately took over the responsibility of finishing the items to prepare for renting. He was quick, professional and honest. He listed the property and in no time at all secured a renter for us at the price we needed. He was amazing!

WCW took excellent care of the property while it was rented, collected rents on time and sent our statement promptly each month. It was such a relief to have a company so professional taking care of our property.

When we decided to sell, we called Bill and he quickly showed us the comparables we needed to make a good pricing decision. We had our listing agreement papers almost immediately and the property was on the market the next day.

For the three months we had the home listed, and up to the day we closed the sale of our home, Bill was on top of everything; he communicated to us regularly and took care of all the details to prepare for the closing. 

We can't thank Bill and WCW enough for all their hard work and professionalism. Our entire experience with Bill and his company was nothing but positive. We would always choose Bill to help with any of our future real estate needs and often refer him to our friends!

Thanks Bill and WCW! It's been great!
Sincerely yours...Dee and Lisa Atkin (Happy Builder/Owner)

We just signed with Bill Welch!!! We now have several options, rent, lease option purchase or outright sale. We're really excited. Call Bill for all the info on our house...at a new price too! Marisol Romo (Excited Owner)

I just wanted to let you guys know what great work Cody does and how pleased I am with everything he fixed!  Geraldine Perfetto (Happy Tenant)

"I don't have a request at this time, but wanted to just brag on Cody and let you know what a great worker you guys have!  He came over to fix some tack strip that was causing problems with our carpet.  He's done a couple of things for us and he's always very professional, courteous and does a great job in his work!!!  Thank so much!!!!" Amber Cooley (Happy Tenant)

Hi Bill:
I wanted to drop you and team a quick note to thank everyone at WCW for your excellent service over the past few years.  Being able to trust and rely upon WCW's expertise has been a blessing - especially since I live in Los Angeles and the rental property is in Topeka.  I've never had to worry about tenant quality, rent timeliness or repairs - and recently you were able to quickly replace the current tenant after they gave notice thus avoiding any gap in rent.  It's the small things that make a big difference.  It's nice to know I'm in such great hands - please be sure to thank everyone for a job well done.
Aaron Bush (Happy Owner)

Thank you for everything.  I provided your name to a few of my friends as a management option.
Jackie Anderson (Happy owner)


That would be great.  I am very impressed with the efficiency of this property management company.  I wish all mine were so.  Do you do out of state rentals by any chance????  Only kidding.

Brenda Beas (happy owner – (by the way we do manage in Missouri too and hope to expand to other states))

"Tony Scalia called to say she wanted Bill to know that Tim did an excellent job on her property (trimming trees, brush,etc.)" - Shirley

OK thanks. Please do send the year end statement and then the W-9 when you can.
I really appreciate all you guys do at WCW. I wish my other property was in Kansas.
Jason (happy owner)

(After sending us a nice gift) You are very welcome. You and your company have been very dependable and it was just a small way to show my appreciation.
Keep up the good work!

Thank You,
Kim Busby (Happy Owner)

I just wanted to call and let you know that your maintenance man Mike did an excellent job and was a fine gentleman.
Thank you,
Freddie Adams (happy tenant)

"Meanwhile I place everything trusting in wcw hands".
Roswitha Post (happy owner)

Thank you! You are really and truly amazing.
Best Regards,
Luisa (happy owner)

You are THE BEST!!!
Thank you,
Luisa (happy owner)


I just wanted to say Thank You for everything that you have done for my house and for me.  This has been a rough year with the divorce and bankruptcy.  You answered my calls and emails promptly when I had questions and my house has never looked better!  All this service and I was a couple of states away!  I would use your services again, should I ever be in a positions to have rentals again.  Thanks again for all of your hard work.  It was much appreciated.

Amy Edwards

Everyone at WCW…

The house looks really really great. You've done a great job! Thanks so much.

Lisa C. Atkin (Another happy owner)


I couldn't be more grateful for your help this year.  Thank you.
--Ariadne (Owner).

(Referring to Mike on our maintenance crew) The person you sent out was pleasant and did a great job.

My apologies to him for not remembering his name.

John Hobelman

Dear WCW,

I am taking this time to thank you for having the bathroom refinished.

It looks great! The tile is perfect and the new fixtures are appreciated.I am personally thankful for Mikes effort and willingness to work as hard and fast as he did so that I could move in before June first. I have had a hard time trusting the people that have come to work in my previous rentals, and as with this time, I was reluctant at first to trust Mike this way. He worked nonstop and never made me feel like he as checking out what I had my house as is often the case.  The attitude I am used to with rental mgmt. and their workers is that unspoken message evident in their actions , "this is our house and we do not care about you or your privacy and we can take this opportunity to judge you for the possessions you have and take our time, work around our schedule and do a sloppy job if we want to." I was not expecting any kind of positive impression to be left on me of your company or your maintenance man do to previous experience, but I must say that do to Mike's respectfulness and nonstop work, one was left in me. There are few opportunities for renters to have wholly positive experiences with their mgmt. company, especially from the get go. The way Mike dealt with the situation of my needs, for instance, continuing to work late on the weekend, ensured this positive first impression. I was so positively impressed with his professionalism that I felt compelled to write this thank you note, something I have never done before. - Sincerely thankful, Rudy.

"Thanks for your great service over the years." - Doug Dodge (owner)

“Thanks Shirley and Bill. I sincerely appreciate the quick response. I'm sure I mentioned before I have another place in Ohio and it's not as smooth as it is working with you guys.” - Jason Hannah (Happy owner)

I really appreciate your thought, time and attention. Again, thank you for your business and services; we always appreciate. - Best Regards, Stefanus (Happy Owner)

I really appreciate your help. WCW is very responsive and I think everyone there does great work. I have one other property in another state and it's a different story. - Thanks, Jason (another happy owner)

I intend for my final out in this residence to be on 13 April 2008. This has been a great house with a great support system and a great property management team. I would like to thank you for your kindness, as well as your patience with Lea and myself. The memories that we made at this house will follow us the rest of our lives, and I wish you the best of luck in selecting another resident that deserves a home as nice as this one. - Thank you, Harold W. Stockberger

Thanks for staying on top of everything for us. It has been a great relief with WCW at the helm.

Jason (Happy owner)

Of all of the houses we looked at, the properties managed by WCW were in better shape then the other companies, therefore we would like to rent with WCW again.
Georgia Lindner (Current tenant)

Thank you for your response and making sure everything was taken care of for us. You are correct about our move-in date. I explained to Theresa that Brian & I had a horrible experience, a couple let us believe they were renting us a house, put off paperwork for two months and sold the house at the last minute.
We met with Reece this morning and did a walk through. Again, thank you for helping us.

Wow - that was fast! I'll have to call your team "superman" or something.
(Happy owner impressed by how quickly we had installed a new water heater.)




JAN (happy owner)

Awesome Bill! You guys are doing a great job! I have a friend who has rental property in Prairie Village that is looking for someone to manage. I gave him your name and number…

Mr. Vega
(Another happy owner whom we manage multiple properties for in KS and MO)

Hello WCW Management!

We, Christopher Snyder and myself Monica Ortiz, have been living at ______________, Topeka Kansas for the last year. It has been a very enjoyable year and we have been very happy in our rental location. We have done our best to maintain our rental home and keep it in good condition. It has been a wonderful home. We are now looking to purchase a home in _________ KS and currently have a contract pending financing..…

I would like to make mention that we have never had any problems or hassles with renting, maintenance or anything else and you have made our rental experience very positive and enjoyable and we really appreciate the great service you have provided us.

Have a beautiful day!

Monica Ortiz and Chris Snyder

Thanks for finding excellent tenants Bill!

Frank Lee


Ryan (leasing agent) was extremely nice and Therese (admin assistant) is a dear. I really look forward to working with you, your company and the staff. Hopefully, I will encounter less stress than I have in the past two and one-half years.

Thanks so much for the references, I really appreciated speaking with a few of your present clients and was able to get very positive feedback. Thanks loads.

Mary Keaton

OUTSTANDING!! Keep up the good work!

Rick Vega, Managing Partner
(Another happy investor after several of his properties were rapidly rented)


I just wanted you to know that I have talked to Theresa and Kristin at your office and they are both extremely nice to work with.


Terri King (tenant)

Hello Bill & Staff ... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all!! I appreciate the great work that you're doing!!

…I also had the pleasure of meeting the tenant; Letishia, and her children who seem to be a very lovely family. While there, she invited me to do a walkthru. I am happy to say that she appears to be taking good care of the property and told her how much I appreciated it.

Thank you ... God bless you all ... and Happy New Year!!

Thanks Bill. Happy Holidays to you.
Thanks for all you've done for me to make my move a great transition.

Dana M. James

Have a great Thanksgiving Bill!

You guys are excellent!

(Happy investor)

I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of this so quickly! The serviceman who came out was very polite, I appreciate that!

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie Farley

Thanks Bill, I have to tell you that so far I have three different rental propertys in 3 different states and you are the best in all areas so far. We get our checks and monthly info faster from you than we do our CA prop mgrs. My mom was surprised that our investment was even nicer than we described.

Thanks again Kathi

I am just really pleased with the service and people that we have worked with at WCW and I wanted to send a little side note to say thanks to all your people there at WCW. We love our house and we have NEVER had a problem with getting things fixed up when we've needed it and everyone that we have spoken to there has always been very polite and customer service oriented.

So kudos all of you and we look forward to continuing our service through you!

Monica and Chris


Thank you for the wonderful news! Nice job, your efforts are GREATLY appreciated. Please let us know if there are any issues that come up!

Thanks again...
David & Janet Ryan (Happy investors)


Thank you for being such great landlords and making sure things are getting taken care of.

Thanks again,
Tammy Brown

(Happy Owner)

Great job, thanks! Please pass on our thanks to your entire staff!


Bill, thank you, thank you, thank you.

That is really great news. Something tells me that you are one of the best property management companies out there and I'm glad that you are managing my properties.

Frank Lee

Dear Bill -

First - I would like to thank you for the flexability you have shown in discussing the property at ___ in Hillsboro, MO. Your willingness to do this is making our relocation to the St.Louis area from Oklahoma so much easier.

Attached please find the rental application for the property ___, in Hillsboro, MO. ...

Again - THANKS and please let me know if you have any questions regarding the attached application.

Loretta Steffanelli


I was in Topeka in January because my grandmother passed away. I drove by my house and everything looks great! Thanks for everything you have done in managing my property. I truly appreciate the service you provide!

Thanks again,

Carmen Lino

This has been a wonderful house to rent from you and your management services have been great! I'll definitely recommend your company to anyone I know who's looking to rent.

Thanks again for all that you've done for us!

Keara Spoor

Thank you Bill and Co. for all your hard work managing our two properties in Topeka. Looking forward to next year!

Jeff and Stan

Dear Bill, Theresa and Carla,

You help make molehills out of my mountains! What would I do without you? Thank you so much.


Paradise Properties, LLC, by Maria Iloreta

Dear SCLA officers and members,

Thank you for your help and advice on dealing with remodelers. I especially thank Deryl Wilson, Bill Welch and Doug Norman. All your tips have some application to my situation that I am able to use them as the remodel progresses. Deryl, thanks for giving me a perspective from the contracting end and about purchasing the materials with him. Bill, thanks for the tips on 10% retainage as warranty protection, weekly itemization and walk-through and insurance ; I can actually utilize these ideas on the second phase of remodeling. And Doug, thanks for your advice on a written amendment to the original bid with justification, and the date of completion.

I am now more careful in every step that I do.

Last but not least, a big thanks to Darrel for sharing my remodel questions to the rest of the members.

As a new member, I am very grateful that I became a member. I guess the reward is priceless!


Dear Bill:

We are very grateful and commend you for taking prompt action regarding the removal of the tree. Mike will follow up with the insurance company, but I believe all of us agree the corrective emergency measure was necessary to avert possible further loss.

The neighbor had contacted us shortly after 11:00 a.m., but we didn't get his message until early afternoon. Mike called and left a message at his number telling him that either you or us would see about removing the tree. By the time we drove by Sunset, the tree had been removed and the trunk segments were sitting on the driveway. We appreciate your diligence and seeing that the matter was immediately resolved.

Mrs. Valdovinos


Thanks for your company’s help on this and getting it rented so soon.

Mrs. Minihan

Hi Bill,

Thank you again for taking the time to visit with me and for all of your help. Please feel free to call me with any questions regarding Shelby.

Best regards, Lisa Olsen

Bill, Thank You so much. The repairman has already called and appointment has been made. We sincerely appreciate your quickest response to these matters. Thanks Monjoor.

Bill, I sure appreciate your help on all this. Ann


I wanted to let you know in writing that Tom has accepted a new job in the KC area and we will be relocating to the KC Metro area. So although there is not any Property Management Company we would rather lease from, we are finally getting to go back to the area that both of our blessed families reside.

Today is May 13th of 2004 and we are so very sad we have to leave this wonderful area and from under the comforts of WCW and this great home. When you have a chance you can call me or Tom at ……. or ……. and talk about the date when we can do a final walk through.

As much as I regret having to move all of our furniture, I feel the same way dealing with property management companies and individual owners when trying to lease a domicile.

Again, know that we have appreciated your kindness and your timely reactions to our needs at ….. (address) and we wish you and your family a fruitful and God filled life.


RE: Security Patrols
Mr. Welch, Please sign me up for your security patrol. Thank you, Mr. Spears

RE: Security Patrols
Sign me up!

This is a good idea. (WCW’s Security Patrols) And a reasonable price. Nice work.

Best wishes,
--Martyn Howgill

RE: Security Patrols

Dear Bill: Thanks so much for looking for and finding ways to improve services to your clients. Mike and I talked about this and think it would be a good idea to sign up for the service. Please sign us up.

Thank you! Best regards, Susana

Thank you , Bill. We will keep you posted as our plans progress. You've been a great help to us providing so much information. We really do greatly appreciate it, regards, Jim Neal

Bill, Thanks for checking on this. I guess that is one of the advantages of having a property manager, you have more clout than I do. I do appreciate all you do. If you need me to do anything, let me know. Ann

Many thanks for all your help.
--Martyn Howgill

We have been very satisfied with your service. In fact, it is one of the bright spots of the year for us. I wish we had thought of contacting you even earlier. We will be speaking with Rick Miller our financial advisor and I will give him WCW's address etc to recommend to his clients who are interested in property management.


I cannot thank you all enough for the service that was provided. If I hear of any BNSF folks moving up to Topeka, I will certainly only speak of WCW.

George Scheufele

Thanks Bill,
I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Holidays. WCW is one of the more kind and considerate property management companies I have ever dealt with, and more importantly from what I have experienced you and your wife are terrific people. I want you to know that if you ever need anything, or if I can help you out in any way during the holidays let me know. If there is any single mothers, or families in need living in any of your managed homes that Susan and I could help in some way let us know. Anything, from Toys for the children, well you know,,,,,ANYthing.

The Happiest of Holidays from the Kiosow Family
Thanks again,

You all have been nothing but nice to us! You have been the bestest landlords! Thanks for that!
Thanks Bill,

Thank you for help. It is really nice to be able to put out a question and have people so willing to help with answers.
Thank You,

Thanks so much for your immediate responses. I really appreciate that. Thanks so much,
> Dawn White---

Dear Bill,
Thank you for your very quick reply. I appreciate the list that you sent me. Since we won’t be looking for a place for a few months I will contact you when the time is closer.
Thank you again-

Thank you for your quick response.
Lori Arbaiza

Thank you for all your help again. …. Again thank you for all your information that you have provided. It has been greatly appreciated.
Mrs. Ziegler

Thanks for your quick reply. …. I thank you for your help and if you need anything else, let me know.

Thank you for allowing us to view the house on Friday. We really appreciate all your work and time for assisting us in looking for a property. All three of us have submitted our application via internet. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of us. Thank you!

You are a great landlord!!!!!
God Bless You

Thank you for your incredible service! I am impressed that you responded so quickly and gave detail to me personally based on my needs! Although these homes do not fit my current needs, I will continue to check on list from you! Thank you again and happy New Year!
Nicole Nielsen

Thank you for the quick response.

Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for such a detailed, interesting and professional response. We plan on getting into the Topeka area o/a the last 10 days of March to house hunt, etc.
Steven & Marlene Schroeder

Thank you so much for all the trouble you went to on the Boswell house. It was so nice to meet you. Thanks again for all your help.
Debra Moore

Thanks a lot Bill and Kathy!! It means alot to us to know we have understanding Landlords!
:) Dominica

Hi Bill!
Thank you for your diligence and persistence. We know how much of a pain these surprises can be and appreciate your time and efforts.

To: WCW Property Management
Subject: Great Job!


I wanted to take the time to thank you for managing Timberlee Apartments over the last six months. During this period, your performance can only be described as outstanding. Your efforts in dramatically improving occupancy of my 102-unit complex have been remarkable. The fact that you were able to do this while simultaneously remodeling 30 of the units and scoring well on a HUD management review make your accomplishments even more spectacular. We really appreciate the fact that you spent the remodel funds like it was your own, pinching ever penny. We truly believe that no other management company could have done what you have done for Timberlee Apartments. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.


Robert S. Scott
Managing Member
Timberlee Apartments, LLC


Thanks for your prompt attention to these matters.

-Dave Bates

Bill and partners,

Paper work rec'd and I plan to send it out on Tuesday.
Thanks for your assistance in selling the house.
I appreciate everyone's help.

Good Luck
David Mask

Thanks for the quick response! I definitely will fill out the application. The home looked very nice!

Thank you, Yolanda A. Garcia

Thank you so very much for your response. This house does sound perfect for us! I saw the home on www.rentalcity.net. Thank you for the information regarding parks and furniture rental. We will pray that the right house stay available for us!

Thank you again,

Good morning, Carla:

Thank you for keeping us informed.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am a Realtor with Reece & Nichols Homes Topeka Inc. I sell investment properties, mostly single family units and duplexes, in the Topeka area to out of town investors. My sells are averaging 7 to 10 units per month. The investors rely on me to recommend a professional and competent management company that will find quality tenants and keep their properties occupied. An excellent property manager is a crucial part of my business and reputation.

After interviewing most of the property managers in this area, I have chosen WCW Property management as my exclusive management company. I have been very satisfied with their performance and ability to find good quality tenants as fast as I am selling these properties. Even in the middle of December amidst the holidays and confusion, WCW was signing up new tenants for us. They have a good solid marketing program that has been established and tested.

I am very satisfied with WCW Property Management and look forward to sending them dozens of more properties this year. It gives me peace of mind knowing that this company is hard at work keeping my clients properties occupied and well maintained.

Richard Snyder
Choice American Real Estate Team


Appreciate the other repairs being completed, glad you're on top of it. We never had anyone so conscientious.



We appreciate your help on this home with basement finish and window treatments.
Thank you for showing us all the homes that you did. We look forward to working with you.

Lisa Gates

WCW Property Management,

Due to receipt of Military orders, we will be transferring to Kodiak Alaska. My family and I want to thank you for all your support and help the last 2 years.

Take care, and God bless,
Delain and Dawn Tate

Your services were great. Much better than my previous management nightmare. I'd probably have gotten other rentals if I'd have experienced you guys first. I liked not being bothered to get things taken care of and the statements each month to know what was going on.

Lt Col Eric Kerns

To Whom It May Concern:

We began looking for our home to retire in and requested help from Property Managers in Topeka via the Internet. Within 12 hours WCW responded (the only one to do so).

During our experience with WCW, it has been evident our interests have been foremost with WCW, we look forward to the continued professionalism shown by all concerned.

The entire process of buying, closing, and leasing was made easier by Bill and his staff. Their continued efforts with the tenants has been outstanding and getting reported repairs handled has been timely.

Our investment is in Good Hands.

Thank You WCW

Daniel and Isabelle Hosey
Barstow, California


Great, what a relief! We appreciate your professionalism and tact in handling these difficult situations.


I would like to thank Theresa for an excellent job. This is my first time renting a house rather than a maintenance free apartment and she has made the transition flawless. She has kept on top of all of my questions!

Thank you,
Shelly Beightel

Dear Bill,

I own property in 7 states and deal with different property managers regularly. You and your group are among the very best I have had the pleasure to know. You have been diligent and attentive. You communicate with me on a regular basis, and that helps to put my mind at ease.

The two-and-a-half years you have managed my properties in Kansas have been great, and I look forward to many more.

Bruce Bagano

Good morning Theresa,

Thanks for getting back to me. You guys are really wonderful to work with.
Thanks again!!

Terry Albert


We knew we could count on you. Thanks for the hard work,

Paul and Marlene


I think this picture says it all! Great job to everyone!!! Thank you for going the extra mile and putting together such a wonderful picnic for the tenants of Timberlee Apartments. For some of these folks, this may be the best thing that has happened for them in a while and you made it happen.
Thanks again for putting this together and for the wonderful job you do each and every day.
Robert Scott
Managing Member
Timberlee Apartments, LLC
Timberlee Apartments
(click here to enlarge)

Thanks for doing a super job.

Todd Lorenzen
(Another happy investor we manage properties for)


Thank you and great job! We have came a long ways from a year ago because of your efforts. Keep up the good work.

(An apartment complex owner)

To all that read this message!!

Keep it simple! Just put Bill in charge and step aside.

What else could I say?

Thanks Bill
Jim Martin
(A satisfied owner whose properties we manage)


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